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13 plus 1 adjectives to define so good.. 18

July 5, 2017
Alberto Ruiz


It is not easy to describe a publication like so good..magazine. It is not a book, it is not a magazine, it is not a recipe book, although it may be all three things at once. And therefore, it is not easy to define the content of each issue in a few words. On this occasion, to explain this #18 issue, we need up to thirteen qualifying adjectives and a fourteenth that marks a path towards which, we believe, pastry is on.

Creations such as those made by Lauren V. Haas lead us to use the adjective Beautiful. Surprising is what John Shields and Karen Urie Shields do in the restaurant, Smyth. Fabrizio Fiorani shows us the most Playful part of pastry. Frédéric Bau has always been Transgressive and the interview that we collect here is proof of that. What is Technological is already a reality in traditional trades such as pastry, as Dinara Kasko shows us in 3D. Tradition remains a value, something which is known all too well in a Centenary referent like Witamer. Innovative is the work of Gabriele Riva with his mochis filled with ice cream or his ice-cream coated with mochi, and Jordi Puigvert with his magical texturizers. If something defines what comes out of the kitchen at Tickets every day is the term Avant-garde. Leonardo di Carlo always puts the Elegant note in each of his creations. The art of Cedric Grolet is Thorough, patient and perfectionist. The Crunchy element symbolizes the action of chewing to enjoy the pastry of, among others, Emmanuel Hammon. Susanna Yoon imprints a Sensitive touch in her unique bonbons. And Andres Morán teaches us to make Healthy desserts, something that has more and more followers.

The fourteenth is certainly a controversial adjective. In our opinion, Modern is what Lior Shtaygman, cover of this so good..magazine, creates, although for many it is old. Because modern is to go beyond the rounded and bright shapes and soft textures that have dominated pastry in recent years. Modern today is to seek and find a personal style in which the artisan’s stamp can be seen. Modern is an attitude.