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‘Roots’, baked chocolate tartlet by Paco Torreblanca

‘Roots’, baked chocolate tartlet by Paco Torreblanca

Sablé dough has two clear hallmarks: its crunchy texture and its pronounced buttery flavor. Paco Torreblanca also underlines his versatility as a third characteristic, “since this ‘cookie’ acts as a base for countless cakes, as a container in the case of the so-called tartlets, and as a pastry to accompany a cup of tea or coffee”.

It is a dough or pastry that adds character and embodies the classic idea of ​​our patisserie, since “it is that crunchy and earthy component that forces us to bite and chew. And that, in addition, hides a touch of salt that makes us salivate ”, he adds. Hence the popular chef decided to dedicate a chapter to it in his latest book, Radix, dedicated to timeless and essential pastry. A book that reclaims pastry that does not need to be fashionable, that is above trends and social networks, and that shows the value of simplicity and optimization.

Starting with the sablé, it presents tartlets as interesting as this Roots, a baked chocolate tartlet included in so good #23 and a cover by Radix, which incorporates almond and chocolate baked cream. In this type of preparation, Torreblanca affirms that “baking the sablé properly is essential. Every time we wish to fill a sablé tart with an almond cream, soufflé creams, or other fillings that need baking in the oven, we should first pre-cook it. This is what is known as ‘blind baking’. Then we leave to cool, fill and finish cooking ”.


lined sablés dough before baking A big tartlet buffet with all the creations you can find in one of the chapters of Radix


It is one of the many creations that star in his latest book whose intention is to return to the origins of traditional pastry but with a clearly contemporary attitude. The result makes you salivate, transmits a certain nostalgia but maintains the sensitivity and avant-garde tone to which the master pastry chef is accustomed.


Radix by Paco Torreblanca

Discover Radix by Paco Torreblanca