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Brioche Jose Romero

‘Planted’ onion brioche by Jose Romero

‘Planted’ onion brioche by Jose Romero


The chef and professor at the EPGB, Jose Romero, shows in his book Ideas and recipes between cuisine and pastry delicious culinary delights like this ‘Planted’ onion brioche.


The idea of making a brioche in a clay mold has always gone around my head. In Barcelona’s Chocolate Museum’s cafeteria, adjacent to our school, small clay pots are exhibited, individually decorated according to the season: in Spring a chocolate flower, at Easter an egg or at Christmas a fir tree. And in summer we made a brioche. It’s one of those elaborations that turns out the way we think. The idea is to finally present this ‘planted’ brioche in the center of a table that diners can pinch with their fingers to taste it and also to sense the texture and flavor of the freshlybaked dough with onion.

Jose Romero

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