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Passion Chocolate Brioche by Greg Mindel

Passion Chocolate Brioche by Greg Mindel

In June, L’École Valrhona Brooklyn once again hosted the popular course “Tastes and Variations on Viennoiseire” by Greg Mindel.

The students, among other things, learned hands on lamination and lamination with a sheeter, practiced a variety of molding techniques and production methods to create artistic and delicious breakfast cakes, and obtained a better understanding of doughs and how to use them efficiently in the kitchen.

The owner of Neighbor Bakehouse shared his vision of modern viennoiseire, focusing on the techniques and cross-utilization of a few base doughs. For this, he made some of the star products of his establishment, such as this Passion Chocolate Brioche. Beauty in the presentation, power in the flavor, precision in the kneading techniques, the chef prepared this and other specialties with maximum vigor.