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Books For Chefs Catalogue Jose Romero

Jose Romero presents his fusion of disciplines between cuisine and patisserie

Jose Romero presents his fusion of disciplines between cuisine and patisserie
March 3, 2015
Books For Chefs Catalogue Jose Romero

“Ideas and recipes between cuisine and patisserie” is the long title of the new book by chef and professor at the EPGB, Jose Romero, edited by Grupo Vilbo. It’s a long title since it was probably very difficult to make shorter; concentrating this chef’s multidisciplinary career in a few words was an impossible challenge. Having an eminently culinary education, his teaching position in a dynamic center open to all kinds of culinary trends, as is the case of the Barcelona Guild College of Confectionery, ​​has allowed him to go from sweet to savory, from kitchen basics to pastry and baked doughs, to become a well-rounded professional who expresses his creativity in all these areas.

The book is both a repertoire of tapas, morsels, savory pastries pieces, snacks, creations for a catering buffet, among others. And the names of his creations speak for themselves: parmesan fritters, banana lollipops, onion brioche, watermelon carpaccio (the cover), purple pancakes with molcajete sauce, croquettes stuffed with liquid foie, beetroot gazpacho, marinated tuna with mango mayonnaise…

In addition to its versatility, the book reflects the author’s educational status as a professor. Dozens of step-by-step photos and generous explanations accompany each creation to emphasize the simplicity that inspires each idea. Therefore, it’s a book accessible to anyone, professional or not, with a curiosity and taste for good food.


Jose Romero