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Desserts with honey Laurent Jeannin Lemon so good #16

Honey and lemon thyme ice cream by Laurent Jeannin

Honey and lemon thyme ice cream by Laurent Jeannin
Laurent JeanninLaurent Jeannin

How to address the sweet creations in a grand palace steeped in history and gastronomic luxury? It is the great challenge that Laurent Jeannin faced everyday, pastry chef of the iconic Parisian hotel Le Bristol in general and in particular at the three-starred restaurant Epicure. The challenge is even greater when the savory offer is in the hands of a chef the likes of MOF Eric Frechon. To succeed, Laurent Jeannin had a commitment to desserts loaded with elegance and clean flavors, while continuing in the same line as chef Frechon when lightening and intelligently and moderately updating French savoir faire.

In any case, Laurent Jeannin’s career has been marked by challenges. He took his first steps in the world of pastry at the age of 15, training in the traditional pastry shop Valade (Cusset). In 1986 and for three years he joined the team of pastry chefs at Fauchon, taking orders from Pierre Hermé and Christophe Felder. From pastry workshops he takes a leap into the world of hotels, becoming part of the pastry station at the Hotel Crillon and then heading all the sweet station at the hotel George V. Always aware of new challenges, Jeannin decided to travel to Japan in 2001 and work there as a consultant until 2007. His return to France comes linked to another challenge: leading the pastry of all the hotel Le Bristol and joining efforts to turn Epicure in a worldwide gastronomy reference. The restaurant gained its third Michelin star just two years later, and Laurent Jeannin has begun collecting awards for his work.