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Jiro Tanaka so good #21 Travel Cakes

Exotic hibiscus by Jiro Tanaka

Exotic hibiscus by Jiro Tanaka

The much-admired combination of exotic fruits and chocolate is joined by an Aisan taste by hibiscus flower in this piece. After WCM challenge where he was assigned to make ‘future gastronomy,’ Jiro Tanaka started to think that it is a task for those who work in food industry to find new ingredients for the future. Flower can be important food in the age of food shortage, he thought. To elevate the taste of chocolate, he chose hibiscus flower that has different acidity from one in raspberry.

Our Japanese correspondant Reiko Matsuno travels to Kamakura to discover his amazing chocolate work of art with more than a hundred elements, most of them handmade without molds.

Photos: Noriko Carlow