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Coffee Marco d'Andrea so good #23

Chocolate truffle with coffee petit four by Marco d’Andrea

Chocolate truffle with coffee petit four by Marco d’Andrea

Photos by Mike Hoftstter

For Marco d’Andrea it is important that all the elements of a dessert fit on one spoon to be able to taste them at the same time and experience the contrast of flavors, textures, and temperatures in the mouth. And that is what this German chef of Italian origin proposes at the Hotel Fontenay in Hamburg with dishes like this Chocolate Truffle with coffee.

“Inspired by my old pastry chef, I give this yummy truffle a second chance as a complex petit fours,” says the award-winning chef. And although he acknowledges that combining chocolate with coffee is not a new invention, he ensures that:


“Playing these two ingredients with salt you get a new side to chocolate and coffee, the full umami side. I love and it really surprises your mouth. The cream is really soft and light. It melts in the mouth. This truffle is something our guests have to eat at the end, because it is so intense”.


Regarding the presentation, the keys are to pipe it like a truffle in a half round silicone mold, “the chopped black cookies look like the skin of a real truffle. Putting some silver powder on it makes it more shiny and makes it look more like a real Périgord truffle”, he adds.