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Coffee Macarons Soft Caramel

Coffee Caramel Macarons by Damien Wager

Coffee Caramel Macarons by Damien Wager


In his third book Cocoa, Damien Wager, one of the UK’s leading pastry experts, explores how cocoa powder can be used to replace chocolate and enhance recipes in numerous pastry preparations, from macarons to tarts, petit gâteaux or vegan proposals. Available in English at Books For Chefs, it is divided into four chapters: snacks, tarts, lifelike, and petits gateaux. In the heterogeneous snacks section we find Coffee Caramel Macarons, whose recipe we share below. As with the rest of the more than 40 creations (more than 150 sub-recipes) in the book, it includes interesting tips to obtain the best results. 

As we will see below, Wager perfectly masters the art of making crunchy and fluffy macarons. In addition, he offers us an interesting tip to give that golden touch to the finish of the product. On this occasion, the chef introduces an intense coffee and white chocolate ganache as a filling, resulting in a snack that could serve as a side dish at coffee time or as a mignardise at the end of a menu.

It should be noted that all the recipes in Cocoa have been prepared with cocoa from Zaan, hand in hand with its European Chef Lead, Talia Profet.