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Chocolate cake with orange by Enric Monzonis

Chocolate cake with orange by Enric Monzonis

Enric Monzonis has a brilliant career full of unique and surprising ideas that we have had the pleasure of enjoying practically since his time at Albert Adrià’s Tickets. For a few years he has been part of the team at the Chocolate Academy of Barcelona and has been a Cacao Barry technician. On this occasion he brings us a chocolate cake (entremet) that is thought out in its combination of flavors as in its suggestive presentation. This year they are celebrating their anniversary at the Chocolate Academy, a 25-year journey that they propose to celebrate with creations like this and also with the creations that Enric Monzonis shares with us in the most recent #sogood25.

Enric himself explains the keys to this cake that combines chocolate with a citrus bouquet with orange as the central flavor below.

“Making a chocolate dessert that surprises and is different in terms of flavor is very difficult. I have thought the same for a long time, and the more years I spend in the trade, the more I can confirm it. What I propose in this case is to surprise with a classic, chocolate with orange. It is also a challenge to surprise with something that people already know and surely have idealized. How do I try to achieve this? Lightness, creaminess, a lot of chocolate flavor and a peculiar orange flavor that fits perfectly. We achieve this by adding a product that surely everyone knows, but we do not use much, the kumquat. Many times it is surely underestimated for its “complicated” use, but I encourage you to use it because its essential oil, its freshness, and slight bitterness add another dimension to the orange register that we all know. Regarding aesthetics, it would be the example of how far we can get involved in decoration to try to convey the concept we want. In this case, emulating a “packaging”, a tool surely increasingly present in our daily life, which tries to tell us what we are going to eat.”

Photos by Ivan Raga

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