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Bamboo Harmony with orange, pepper, mimosa, and figs by Michel Willaume and Marc Balaguer

Bamboo Harmony with orange, pepper, mimosa, and figs by Michel Willaume and Marc Balaguer

Photos: Ivo Geskus

In so good.. magazine 29 we present three joint creations by Michel Willaume, World Pastry Champion 2001 with the United States, and Marc Balaguer, runner-up in the World Ice Cream Championship with Spain, in which the glaze plays an important role.

Below we share the step-by-step recipe of one of these creations: Bamboo Harmony. In this dessert, two flavors come into play with very marked notes and characteristics, forming a very complete aromatic symbiosis in the mouth. On the one hand, the bitter notes of orange, red pepper, and  natural mimosa extract, combined with the sweetness of figs, with a final touch of Yin Zhen tea that combines and perfectly enhances the tasting.

This recipe was developed from an innovative study which we also share in so good..magazine #29 and whose objective was to take the glaze from a simple decorative element to become part of the product in a much more ambitious and integrated way, as a complement in its own right. Under the premise of achieving more natural fruit glazes in beautiful colors and made purely from fruit purees, the two professionals are united by the desire to go back to the essentials in pastry to emphasize the excellence of simplicity. Freshness, balance, and the combination of flavors are aspects that Willaume has brought to the table, while Balaguer has focused more on the study of ingredients.  The study, developed for Les Vergers Boiron, has also benefited from the collaboration of the Dobla Innovation Center, and the support of pastry chef Bart de Gans, a friend of Willaume’s, and the EPGB.