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Chocolate Mango recipes Roger van Damme so good #29

Cocoa bean with Dulcey cream and mango vinegar gel by Roger van Damme

Cocoa bean with Dulcey cream and mango vinegar gel by Roger van Damme


From his stronghold, the Het Gebaar restaurant in Antwerp (Belgium), Roger Van Damme has been delighting his guests for decades with a pastry that is visually dreamy, technically attentive to the latest innovations, surprising in its play of flavors and textures, and always a winner when it comes to leaving a memorable impression on his guests.

The Dutch chef, who has recently captured his vision and repertoire in his book, Dessert, is in a moment of transition that was captured in so good .. magazine 29 by our correspondent Bruno Van Vaerenbergh. A moment that takes into account the great desserts of his career, such as La Dame Blanche, but also reflects an orientation towards the future.

Below we share the recipe for his spectacular Cocoa bean dessert, a small work of art whose concept he explains as follows: “Without cocoa beans we would not have chocolate and for a long time I wanted to do something special. That is why we started working on a mold that we then looked for a way to cover to find the color we were looking for. The inspiration also comes from my trips to Costa Rica. What is also good about the bean is that it does not have chocolate inside, it is white and actually has a very refreshing interior”.


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