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Michel Willaume

Not only has Michel Willaume mastered every speciality in pastry cooking, but he is also one of the most travelled French pastry chefs. World Champion in 2001 in Lyon with the North American team, his CV is rich and extensive. He has been a professional in France, U.S.A., Spain, Italy and most recently, Russia, but above all, Holland. At present, he is working both as an international consultant and as an ambassador chef for the chocolate firm, Dobla.

His creative philosophy now revolves around the concept, “Think Pastry”. It consists in giving priority to technique and ingredients that are accessible and easily integrated into a production system, but which at the same time stimulates interest and attraction in his customers.

Bio Highlights

2001 – World Champion of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

2014 – International Chef for the chocolate firm, Dobla


“Think Pastry'”: never give up on creativity nor the attainment of a pastry production process of the highest quality”

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