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Chocolate, viennoiserie, dragees, and éclairs at Atelier Melissa Coppel

Cédric Grolet Daniel Álvarez Francisco Migoya Joakim Prat Johan Martin Melissa Coppel Ramon Morató

Chocolate, viennoiserie, dragees, and éclairs at Atelier Melissa Coppel

Las Vegas will be back in pastry chef and chocolatier’s sights thanks to the impressive calendar of courses of the Atelier Melissa Coppel in 2019.

Those passionate about Parisian pastry style can learn secrets and receive advice from a specialist, the French chef Cédric Grolet. The best pastry chef in the Prix d’Excellence Relais Desserts 2016 will give not one, but two master classes (March 26-27 and March 28-29) in which he will create products with his world-famous personal style.

All the way from Spain is Ramon Morató, author of the book Chocolate and co-author of Four in One, has hung up the “full” sign with a class dedicated to the world of chocolate, and Daniel Álvarez who will introduce students to the panettone and viennoiserie, kouign-amann, laminated brioche, ensaimadas, inverted puff pastry, millefeuille, chaussons, cremadets, xuixos, palmiers, donuts and much more from April 30 to May 2.

Other chefs that will pass through Las Vegas this 2019 will be Alexandre Bordeaux, Cacao Barry Ambassador Belgium, with a two-day course on panning and dragees (July 10 and 11); Francisco Migoya, who will propose a new approach for the manufacturing of chocolates (from July 30 to August 1); Joakim Prat and his perfect éclair formula (August 13,14, and 15), and Johan Martin with two sessions: Parisian style pastry shop vitrine (August 26, 27 and 28) and Viennoiserie (from August 30 to September 1).

As the owner of the atelier, Coppel will give two intensive Chocolate workshops, four days each, where all students will have the opportunity to practice different techniques of spraying, molding, filling, closing, cutting with a guitar or enrobing, as well as the Running a chocolate production seminar , also lasting four days, designed for those who wish to start a chocolate business or those who are already doing business, but are constantly encountering problems during their daily production. In addition, the Colombian chef will hold a session on Glossy bonbons and ganache formulations (July 6 to 9) with Alexandre Bordeaux.