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École Valrhona Brooklyn Gluten Free Sarah Tibbetts Vegan Pastry

Strawberry, almond and grapefruit ‘Think Pink’ dessert by Sarah Tibbetts

Strawberry, almond and grapefruit ‘Think Pink’ dessert by Sarah Tibbetts

Sarah Tibbetts

Allergies and special diets have become a topic of great interest in the United States. For this reason, L’École Valrhona Brooklyn organized the course “Rethinking ingredients & pastry trends” taught by Sarah Tibbetts on April 2 and 3. The proposal includes a vegetarian panna cotta, made with oat milk and a crunchy streusel that avoids wheat and ingredients of animal origin thanks to almonds, rice, and coconut oil, although it contains Inspiration Strawberry couverture (with milk among its ingredients).

In an intimate setting, the Valrhona Pastry Chef presented new and inspiring recipes using alternative ingredients and rethinking pastry concepts without losing sight of dietary restrictions. Think Pink is an example of a 100% vegetable origin dessert and which could be gluten free (except for the Inspiration Strawberry couverture).

The students, in addition to learning to bake with unusual products, created bonbons free of allergens and creations without lactose, without gluten, and vegan. Desserts like Think Pink, of which we detail the recipe below.

Photos: Nitzan Rubin