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The Vegan Pastry Bible Toni Rodríguez, now available in English | Review

May 4, 2023
The Vegan Pastry Bible Toni Rodríguez, now available in English | Review
Ana Rodríguez

Toni Rodríguez has indisputably earned the title of ambassador of vegan pastry. He is one of the people who has researched the most techniques and processes to create a pastry that does not have dairy products, eggs, gelatin, or honey, but does have a lot of flavor and impeccable presentation. His years of work paid off when he achieved the first totally vegan macaron and coulant, which was followed by mousses, biscuits, cookies, creams, homemade margarines, sourdoughs, and more. In the book, The Vegan Pastry Bible, which can now finally be purchased in English, he reveals the secrets of his sweetest creations.


Discover The vegan pastry bible


More than 100 recipes and nine sections

Available at our Books For Chefs online store, it contains more than 100 recipes with step-by-step explanations and photographs by the prestigious gastronomy photographer Becky Lawton. In addition, each recipe comes with tricks to facilitate its preparation, as well as serving ideas and conservation tips.

To facilitate understanding, the book is divided into nine sections:

  • Basic preparations (homemade cream margarine, vegetable milk, pastry cream, homemade praline…)
  • Biscuits (walnut brownie, banana bread, lemon plum cake, muffins…)
  • Viennoiserie (classic brioche, cinnamon rolls, babka, donuts, croissants, millefeuille, ensaimada…)
  • Breakfasts and snacks (waffles, blueberry scones, flapjacks, anise ring biscuits…)
  • Cookies, sablés, and tarts (mellow cookies, chocolate, stuffed, shortbread, apple pie, chocolate tart…)
  • Macarons and petit-fours (Italian and French meringue macarons, ganaches, tejas…)
  • Chocolate (35% white, 42% milk, rocher, truffle…)
  • Pastry (peanut bomb, carrot cake, coulant, opera, Sacher, dacquoise, raspberry Swiss roll…)
  • Creams, flans, and mousses (tiramisu, Catalan cream, pastéis de Belém, classic flan, Parisian flan, chocolate mousse…)

Understanding the chemistry of each ingredient

This book, as Albert Roca points out in the prologue “is a treatise, the great book that will enlighten and help thousands of pastry chefs who want and should start in the world of vegan pastry”. A world where, according to Rodríguez, what is important is “understanding the chemistry of each ingredient and knowing what function it performs so that from there I can create the recipe that I want. For example, if we think of a sponge cake, the egg is traditionally a key element that provides structure, texture, and fluffiness. I can’t use egg, but I can use sugar. Sugar provides sweetness, but also texture that we can take advantage of. And we also have the impeller and bicarbonate. And the fats to provide juiciness. And the flour, starch, potato protein… It’s about playing and trying until you find the balance between all those ingredients to get a good sponge cake”.


Discover The vegan pastry bible