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Jordi Bordas so good #13

Light lychee mousse made with B·Concept by Jordi Bordas

Light lychee mousse made with B·Concept by Jordi Bordas

Lighten the recipes, make them healthier and also achieve maximum intensity of pure flavor. With this vocation, without compromise, B•Concept was born, a method developed by Jordi Bordas, world champion in 2011 and newly appointed Ambassador of the Felchlin brand. A project created with the intention of rethinking and updating classic pastry recipes, taking into account the technology, knowledge and equipment available today, as the needs and sensitivities of today’s consumer.

B•Concept is a method for learning how to build a recipe from scratch. For this he abandons the rigidity of classical formulation and what was perceived as constraints on caloric needs, preservation and consumption of the moment each recipe was created. Jordi Bordas assesses each recipe on two pillars: firstly, today’s technology and knowledge and secondly, the needs (fats, sugars, allergens…) and sensitivity (lightness and purity of flavor) of today’s consumer. The result: strong, lightweight and calculated recipes like White Diamond.

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