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Lettuce, white chocolate, passion fruit, cucumber’ dish, by Christian Hümbs

Lettuce, white chocolate, passion fruit, cucumber’ dish, by Christian Hümbs

Aroma-Menu is the irrefutable evidence of the versatility of desserts. ‘I want to show people that today’s patisserie is able to handle more than just the classic elements’, says Christian Hümbs, currently working as a pastry chef at restaurant Haerlin.

Hümbs took up the challenge which Frank Nagel, managing director of the restaurant La Mer in Sylt (Germany), posed him at the end of 2011, when he was working as pastry chef of the luxury resort, why not a dessert menu?

It was such a great success all through 2012 that the chef was commissioned an expected challenge – Aroma-Menu 2013, to which we devote these pages.

Hümbs describes his proposal as a stroll he takes alongside his guests. The freedom to choose the ingredients he will use is the key; whether spices, salts or vegetables – all of these are options at the chef’s disposal.

Christian Hümbs portraitChristian Hümbs

The chef constructs his desserts on three pillars – acid, sweet and a linking element. The best example is probably Rhubarb-Chocolate-Yogurt, included in this year’s series. The acid plays an essential role. Through them, he gives his courses a lightness that does not make his guests sluggish. This is how he reaches the searched-for harmony.

Aroma-Menu 2013 consists of a Finger Food, yellow/red paprika, macadamia nut, spinach leaf; an Amuse, lettuce, white chocolate, passion fruit, cucumber; and four courses: carrot, lingonberry, broccoli, watercress; Baked potato; Tomato BBQ; and Yogurt, nutsedge, raspberry, wild herbs.

We would like to share with our readers three of these suggestions with which chef Hümbs exceeds the boundaries of conventional patisserie and offers really surprising experiences.