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Javier Guillén Peanut so good #17

Inverted soursop by Javier Guillén

Inverted soursop by Javier Guillén

Text: Alberto Ruiz

Pastry’s enfant terrible. In the reign of molds and glazes which are more or less strident, Javier Guillén detaches himself with a new line of desserts called Inverted. It is as if he had broken the luminous mirror of the glaze to show all the crudeness inside, with fillings sprouting and the different materials visible. ‘Today, you either glaze or you’re nobody. Well, this collection comes to change the rules, with a mold that allows the mousse to be in the interior and the cream on the outside. Just the opposite of what we have seen in recent years,’ says the chef.

javier-guillenJavier Guillén’s creativity is as exciting as his own career, as a Spanish chef living in Paris, who has businesses in Brazil and working all around the world providing his advice. Among his many occupations is his collaboration with a unique Ecuadorian chocolate company called La República del Cacao, founded ten years ago and which maintains among its principles the sustainability of the territory, social involvement, and the use of natural products which are exclusively of Latin American origin.