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Chocolate cake Luciano García

Creamy chocolate and orange tart by Luciano García

Creamy chocolate and orange tart by Luciano García

In pastry, balance is key not only in terms of recipe formulation, but also on a flavor and texture level and in terms of finishes and presentation. The success of a creation depends on the skill of the professional to balance all these parameters and manage to imprint a personality to the piece at the same time. Without ever losing sight of simplicity, the Argentinian pastry chef Luciano García, who is one of the protagonists of so good # 24, continues to show us a remarkable sense of balance.

In DPAS 473, our professional pastry magazine published in Spanish, he offered us up to three tarts with clear and defined flavors, with no more than three textures, and which stand out for their balanced aesthetics despite the contrast in the finishes. As Luciano himself explains to us, “Argentinians are not yet accustomed to balance, contrast, discovering all the flavors of a piece, but rather adding sugar rather than flavors. In this collection I found it interesting to continue betting on understanding each ingredient and enjoying them in the harmony of their contrast”. In the case of the orange and chocolate tart, or torta, as it is known in Argentina, we also let the chef himself introduce it properly:

“The combination of glaze and velvet seeks to be a visual link with the perception that one has when enjoying the cake. The silky texture of the creamy chocolate would be the icing, which contrasts with the velvet, representing the astringency of the orange. We must remember that in Argentina we produce oranges that are very aromatic, but also characteristically citric”.

Photographs by Pablo Baracat