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École Valrhona Brooklyn Peanut Soft Caramel William Werner

Chocolate peanut caramel by William Werner

Chocolate peanut caramel by William Werner


William WernerIn l’École Valrhona Brooklyn, from the 24th to the 26th of April, William Werner revealed what is behind the scenes of one of the country’s best patisseries, Craftsman and Wolves, one of the stars of so good #17.

With the aim of teaching a variety of plated desserts techniques (suitable for plated desserts, buffets, and bakery display cases) and discussing the importance of branding and creativity in business, he gave advice to take creativity to a higher level.

An interesting course in which attendees had the opportunity to produce pastry elements from Craftsman and Wolves pâtisserie culminating in an eye catching seasonally driven spread, explore an ever-changing menu of pastries, cakes, entremets, breads, confections and confitures, and listen to Werner’s ideas on creating and managing a successful pastry brand.

As a sample of what was giving in the seminar, we bring you this Chocolate Peanut Caramel, which combines a product as American as peanut with Orizaba chocolate, playing with different elements and textures ranging from the crunch of a Chocolate cornflake nests or cocoa nibs, to the intensity of the chocolate-coated ganache or peanut caramel.

Photos: Daniela Constantini