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Andrea Coté Coconut Gluten Free Plated Desserts Recipes so good #24

Chocolate mousse plated dessert by Andrea Coté

Chocolate mousse plated dessert by Andrea Coté

With Andrea Coté, pastry chef at the RPM Seafood in Chicago in so good #24, we delve into a way of understanding restaurant pastry that is far from any desire for sophistication. On the contrary, her will is to start from the classic (and let’s say family-style) pastry and take it to its highest level. This objective has been studied by her in detail, attentive to all the classic and avant-garde techniques, in order to achieve the most suitable combination of textures and temperatures. In addition, Andrea Coté clearly bets on lightness, ‘I didn’t want anything heavy here’, and displays a repertoire of desserts where chocolate is just one more guest and where it is common to find frozen or gluten-free dishes.

We wanted all of the desserts on the RPM Seafood menu to be light. I’m never usually a fan of gut-busting desserts, but especially didn’t want anything heavy here. This concept naturally produced quite a few gluten-free desserts. Truthfully, I always struggle creating chocolate desserts. I’m more of a fruit lover, so those desserts come more naturally for me. I made the chocolate mousse to fulfill the needs of the chocolate lovers, but I actually love the final result. The crust is made of coconut, pistachio and white chocolate. No gluten and no baking required. I decorated the dessert with my balance elements in mind: acidic orange, crunchy tuile, salty pistachios and bitter cacoa nibs.

Andrea Coté