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Cake Acorn with caramel mousse and hazelnut praline by Sylwia Grodzka-Haba

Cake Acorn with caramel mousse and hazelnut praline by Sylwia Grodzka-Haba


Although she studied Political Science and French, Sylwia Grodzka-Haba is totally dedicated to pastry. For the past five years, she has run a small pastry shop in Poland where she offers modern pastry, especially individual cakes, and is the author of the book Desery koncepcyjne, in which she shows step-by-step and tips for making her desserts. Her story, she says, “inspires people and gives a lot of motivation. It shows how we are able to succeed without a pastry environment support, without connections and background only thanks to our strength and love for making pastry”.

To make this individual cake, she was inspired by autumn. “As we have a lot of seasonal cakes in our display, we would like to create something that is strongly connected to four seasons. Thus, we have for example a coconut for summer, a snowman for winter, a flower for spring. We have a beautiful Apple for autumn as well”, she explains.

Acorns and chestnuts are very popular in Poland: children use them to make small animals, just for fun. “I wanted children to find the acorns not only under the tree. Since I can’t imagine the taste of acorns, I decided to make a very hazelnut cake –  a flavor which is also connected with autumn”, she continues.


“I love different textures and flavors in cake. That’s why I combined the aerated caramel mousse with the hazelnut praliné (a little bit sour and very strong) with the creamy hazelnut namelaka (very soft and delicate). As I always look for something crispy, it is all enclosed in a chocolate shell, with some roasted hazelnuts inside as well as with the cocoa sablée as an acorn’s cap”