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Blanc de blancs by Paco y Jacob Torreblanca

Blanc de blancs by Paco y Jacob Torreblanca

Paco and Jacob Torreblanca‘We want aesthetics to go in cleaner lines and it’s not about being aseptic, but simple. We do not want seven things inside a cake, we do not want people to have to think to identify the flavors. When I go to a restaurant and they serve me a plate with many combinations, I tell them: do not give me cuisine to think, I do not want to think to eat.’, told us Paco Torreblanca in a recent interview.

A perfect example of this view is this Blanc de Blancs entremet, from his 2017 collection and featured at so good #17. This creations allows to appreciate the search of new shapes in modern pastry, something very common in the work of Paco Torreblanca and his son Jacob.

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