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Apple croissant Daniel Álvarez Sweet Devotion

Apple and almond croissant dough carré by Daniel Álvarez

Apple and almond croissant dough carré by Daniel Álvarez

After a year of being published, the book Sweet Devotion by Daniel Álvarez has achieved almost unanimous recognition in the sector as a reference manual for those who wish to start or improve their technique in the production of puff pastry doughs and quality brioches. The explanations in which the author unravels himself to develop each technique, each concept, each key aspect of the kneading, manipulation, or finishing of a product make this book stand out because of its pedagogical spirit.

Carré fully bakedAnd one of the star doughs addressed in the book is the croissant which, according to the author, is one of the puff pastry doughs that requires greater precision in the process of folds with butter and subsequent lamination. In addition to offering classic specialties such as the croissant or pain au chocolat, Daniel Álvarez is interested in other more personal formats, such as this spectacular apple carré, with a nice grated finish on top. Do not miss out on all the previous explanations to get the best possible croissant dough, as well as the subsequent handling of the dough depending on the application that is going to be given. We leave you with the details on how to properly carry out the finishes of these delicious carrés. In the book you will also find other carrés finished with apricot or even in a log format and filled with marzipan.

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