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> > Apple and almond croissant dough carré by Daniel Álvarez
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Apple and almond croissant dough carré by Daniel Álvarez

April 26, 2019
Apple and almond croissant dough carré by Daniel Álvarez
Daniel Álvarez
Croissant dough, semi-crystallized apple, almond cream

After a year of being published, the book Sweet Devotion by Daniel Álvarez has achieved almost unanimous recognition in the sector as a reference manual for those who wish to start or improve their technique in the production of puff pastry doughs and quality brioches. The explanations in which the author unravels himself to develop each technique, each concept, each key aspect of the kneading, manipulation, or finishing of a product make this book stand out because of its pedagogical spirit.

Carré fully bakedAnd one of the star doughs addressed in the book is the croissant which, according to the author, is one of the puff pastry doughs that requires greater precision in the process of folds with butter and subsequent lamination. In addition to offering classic specialties such as the croissant or pain au chocolat, Daniel Álvarez is interested in other more personal formats, such as this spectacular apple carré, with a nice grated finish on top. Do not miss out on all the previous explanations to get the best possible croissant dough, as well as the subsequent handling of the dough depending on the application that is going to be given. We leave you with the details on how to properly carry out the finishes of these delicious carrés. In the book you will also find other carrés finished with apricot or even in a log format and filled with marzipan.

Sweet Devotion cover

Discover Sweet Devotion


Daniel Álvarez showing his carrés

Daniel Álvarez’s Carré

It is a very eye-catching piece, thanks to the knife cuts that are made in the dough at the top and by the use of a square mold during its fermentation and baking. The juicy interiors of cream and fruit complete a spectacular specialty, both in its mini format and in the family-size version. Use a croissant recipe with three simple folds (see full recipe in the book), as we must multiply the number of sheets to support the weight of the filling. Stretch to 5 mm thick and cut into 16 cm bands. With a sharp knife, make many incisions to make marks without cutting. Cut 8 cm rectangles.

Semi-crystallized apple

  • 1000 g apple (preferably Golden or Reinette)
  • 600 g sugar

It is vital to select the apples at their optimal point of maturation, for a better result. Cut the apples into eighths and toss them in sugar. Leave to rest in the refrigerator for at least 16 hours so that the flavors mix well. The sugar penetrates the fiber of the apple extracting part of the water and beginning a cold cooking. This process delays the oxidation, which allows us to prepare the apple in advance and have it available. By placing the apple inside the dough, semi-crystallization occurs, which gives rise to a fabulous texture, very creamy and al dente. In addition, as the apple has expelled water, moisture problems regarding.

Almond cream

  • 600 g butter
  • 1200 g almond flour
  • 600 g confectioners’ sugar
  • 50 g panela
  • 600 g eggs

Beat the softened butter and gradually add the confectioners’ sugar and the almond flour. Mix carefully. Finally, add the eggs one at a time. It is essential to be careful when beating in the eggs. If they are added too slowly and beaten in excess, an excess of air is added to the mixture which then will cause an excessive volume when baked. To lighten the cream of almonds you can add half of its weight in crème pâtissière or cream. It is also possible to scent it to the taste with orange blossom water, orange, lemon, Cointreau, rum, etc.


Fill with almond cream and dice of semi-crystallized apple. Start rolling up the dough from the part without cuts so that they are visible. Position the pieces so that the closure is underneath. It is important to form the piece as seen in the photos, otherwise the dough would have an unwanted behavior during the fermentation and baking and the folds would open.

Place in a mold, previously greased and sprinkled with sugar, and leave to ferment at 26-28ºC for 2 hours. Apply an egg yolk and cream wash and bake at 180ºC for 20 minutes. To make the mini carrés, roll and place in cake molds. When extracted from the oven, glaze and place back in the oven for an additional minute so that the icing crystallizes.


You will find the apricot-coconut and marzipan carré recipes in Sweet Devotion

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