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Lune, a book with the keys to becoming an expert in croissants even at home

Lune, a book with the keys to becoming an expert in croissants even at home
January 5, 2023
Ana Rodríguez
Books For Chefs Catalogue croissant

In 2016, the cultural supplement T Magazine of The New York Times asserted that the best croissant in the world is made in Australia, more specifically in Lune Croissanterie. Now its owner, Kate Reid, releases the book Lune, where she shows a game-changing recipe for the home baker.

In this book, based on a simple and effective basic pastry recipe, everything from the classic Pain au chocolat, Strawberry Miso Danish, and Ham and Gruyère Croissant to Pumpkin Pie Cruffin or Pepperoni Pizza Scargot can be made, following clear instructions, since the croissant dough can be perfect for any sweet or savory combination, and for any time of the day.

Available in English at our online bookstore Books For Chefs, it includes step-by-step techniques for rolling and shaping croissants; recipes for every hour of the day; recipes for twice-baked croissants; recipes for special occasions; and how to use leftover baked croissants.

Reid, former Formula 1 aerodynamicist, says, “when I signed the contract for this book, I assumed that the recipe for the plain croissant was going to be straightforward. I’d been making croissants for almost ten years at Lune, so surely I possessed the knowledge required to write the recipe for the home cook. I started by asking the chefs at Lune to make some extra dough for me, so I could begin testing the laminating process at home, the main difference being with a rolling pin and not a laminator. What ensued was weeks of frustration, endless testing, moments of self-doubt; really questioning whether I actually had the capacity to deliver this recipe… I finally acknowledged that I couldn’t simply take the Lune croissant dough recipe and adapt the laminating process for the home kitchen. I needed to completely change the pain itself”.


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