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Yohan Ferrant

Despite his youth, Yohan Ferrant is one of the great professionals in the world of bakery who has promoted his career from Spain. As head of the Barcelona Baking School, he is giving new impetus to the sector, betting on rigor, knowledge and contact with the best national and international bakers and pastry chefs. Of French origin, Yohan Ferrant already has an intense career that plays in favor of a versatility within the reach of very few. His travels through different European countries have contributed to an open and restless mentality.

In 2022 he published his first book, Oh là là, which, in addition to vindicating the trade, is a practical manual on creative bakery and pastries, very useful for any school and workshop.

Bio Highlights

2022 – Presentation of the bakery and pastry book Oh là là!


“The idea is to create a pâtisserie that makes sense in the place where we are, that is not only beautiful, but also tasty and healthy. That the customer is able to taste it even when he is full or sated”

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