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Four in One. Four talented chefs in one exceptional book

Four in One. Four talented chefs in one book whose content is also distributed in four major thematic blocks: pastry, chocolate, desserts, and artistic. There is also a delicious story about the two decades of the Chocolate Academy in Barcelona (Spain), which is also part of the sector’s history, told in the first person by its protagonists.

This is the title and plot of Grupo Vilbo’s upcoming launch on November 28. Its authors, Ramon Morató, Josep Maria Ribé (so good #5, so good #7, so good #13), Raúl Bernal (so good #7, so good #13, so good #16), and Miquel Guarro, have offered a fantastic taste of the book at the Fòrum Gastronòmic in Barcelona before an audience of around 400 people. A coconut caviar, a cloves nougat, a dessert in the shape of a lightbulb, and a beaten-up boxer in chocolate, delighted the audience and demonstrated that this a very promising book.

A total of 432 pages of talent, creativity, modernity, and good taste, with chocolate at its center, but pushing its own limits. A book which has all the ingredients to become a great reference in today’s patisserie.

Four in One

On the boundaries of chocolate

Authors: Ramon Morató, Josep Maria Ribé, Raúl Bernal, and Miquel Guarro

432 Pages

72 unedited creations and over 300 recipes

Theory, technique, step-by-step processes

Publisher: Grupo Vilbo

Also, you don’t miss the spectacular entrance of Raúl Bernal in the auditorium in this video: