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Greek pastry chefs Saint Honoré Soft Caramel

Saint Honoré Macadamia Praline by Giorgos Avgeros

Saint Honoré Macadamia Praline by Giorgos Avgeros


Giorgos Avgeros, executive pastry chef at Sani Resort, a luxury hotel on the Greek shores of the Aegean Sea, is convinced that Greek pastry making is on the up and has a very bright future.

When defining his pastries, he assures that “I cannot attach a label to my desserts. Just like the changes, transitions, and variety in our lives, my desserts also embody many styles: They may be simple, light, and airy or rich and complex. What they all have in common is elegance, balance, and the fact that they are lovingly made”.

Below we share the recipe for his version of Saint Honoré, a classic of French pastry and a great totem of universal pastry that has turned 175 years old