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Championnat de France du Dessert Chestnut

La Part des Anges with Chestnuts, Grapefruit, and Whiskey by Yoann Normand

La Part des Anges with Chestnuts, Grapefruit, and Whiskey by Yoann Normand


The Angel’s Share (La Part des Anges) is what that 2% of liquid that evaporates in the production of whiskey is called. And that is the name of one of the desserts that led Yoann Normand (restaurant Les Crayères in Reims) to win the latest edition of the Championnat de France du Dessert in the professional category.

Normand had won the regional semifinal held in Reims with this dish, which revolves around uncontrollable and ephemeral evaporation. After making some adjustments from the recommendations of the jury of the semifinal, he managed to win in the final with this detailed work in the presentation and exceptional in the tasting. His assistant, Estelle López, was also recognized at the event as best assistant.

In The Angel’s Share, Normand wanted to reflect his story and a part of himself, his journeys, and his encounters. A creation full of details in which nothing is randomly placed, as he himself explains: “The chestnut is light, it brings a note of undergrowth and gluttony (gourmandise). The pink, white, and ruby ​​grapefruits give freshness and a touch of acidity discovered during a time spent in Corsica. Knob Creek Smoked Maple Whiskey, a souvenir of one of my trips in America, lightly perfumes the dessert. The particularity of this whiskey is that it ages in maple syrup oak barrels, represented with engravings on the plate. The tube, which represents the same barrel of oak perforated with leaves that allows this evaporation, is placed on chocolate shapes reminiscent of the curves of the barrel”.