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Cédric Grolet Chestnut Lemon

Chestnuts in pastry baskets by Cédric Grolet from his book ‘Opéra’

Chestnuts in pastry baskets by Cédric Grolet from his book ‘Opéra’

In the book Opéra, which is now available in English at our Books For Chefs online store, Cédric Grolet shows a fresh pastry and bakery without technicalities, personal in their presentations, close, and with a homely spirit.

This book, the second by the well-known French pastry chef, gathers 100 recipes to be made at the moment and in front of the customer, and which are organized by chapters following the rhythm of a day and respecting, hour by hour, what will be served in his boutique. Simple but effective preparations, without preservatives or colorants, with which the user will have an authentic sensory experience.

Below we share one of the original recipes included in the book, Chestnuts in Baskets, which uses as its main ingredient a very characteristic autumn product, chestnut or marron (in French), as its main ingredient and which is accompanied by an almond cream, a hazelnut praline, a pastry cream and a lemon gel. An irresistible bite with chestnuts as the protagonist.


Opéra by Cédric Grolet

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