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Chestnut so good #26

Chestnut sago soufflé by Nocar Lo

Chestnut sago soufflé by Nocar Lo

Within the young and experienced team at the Tate restaurant, Nocar Lo is responsible for the dessert station. Her spirit for the sweet part of the culinary offer is exactly the same as for the savory one, that is, a balancing act between a French-based technique and ingredients and cultural references from the Hong Kong environment. The chef opts for light compositions both in the presentation and in the tasting. After more than 10 years of experience in the pastry business of great restaurants and hotels in Hong Kong, her goal at Tate is to culminate the edible stories that are told based on drive, passion and love of pastry, following the inspiration of figures like Grant Atchaz or Frank Haasnoot. This is what we could see in so good #26.

In this game of balances between a culture and a technique, a recurring starting point is the classic Chinese Sweet Soap, although Nocar Lo gives it all kinds of new twists and French-style finishes, incorporating mousses and even candy balls, ultimately more in the line of an haute cuisine scene. The menu also has a spectacular culmination, the petit fours trolley, which is the perfect closure to an experience that transcends tasting and stimulates all the senses.

This is a texture-filled dessert with the crispiness of the meringue to the softness of the egg white and also the crunchiness from sablé and fruit. The sauce of hawthorn gives harmony to all of it.