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Coffee Hazelnut so good #26

Espresso coffee and chocolate cake by Jan Proot

Espresso coffee and chocolate cake by Jan Proot

DelRey is one of those great names closely linked to chocolate and pastry in Belgium. Its headquarters in Antwerp is a true temple that worships chocolate and from which it has been able to expand to other distant ports, with special fortune in Japan.

DelRey is facing a new renewal, with the challenge of attracting a local public to come more frequently to his establishment, while the arrival of tourists has not yet fully recovered. Their next objective is to develop a range of fresh viennoiserie with the same criteria of quality and style as their bonbons and cakes, although this seems to be a future challenge that will fall into the hands of Jan Proot, the fourth generation to take over the helm. In so good #26 we have the chance to enjoy of some of their signature cakes, like this Espresso cake which combines coffee and dark chocolate.

Photos: Debic

Jan Proot