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C3 Desserts Competition Lime

Opalys and Balinese Kaffir Lime, Shiso Plum Wine Sorbet by Yusuke Aoki

Opalys and Balinese Kaffir Lime, Shiso Plum Wine Sorbet by Yusuke Aoki


Yusuke Aoki WinnerYusuke Aoki started his career at the French Pastry boutique in his home country, Japan, where he acquired basic skills and techniques in French pastry style. His expertise, which ranges from French pastries, wedding cakes, desserts for banquets and restaurants, chocolate bonbons, showpieces, and sugar decorations, allowed him to join the opening team at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo and another international stint at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto.

He later moved to Paris and worked at Patisseries & Gourmandise for Stéphane Glacier as International Pastry Chef, perfecting his skills with French trends and well-defined styles in pastry. At the Ritz-Carlton Doha as a pastry chef, he won several competitions, including the Semifinal of the Valrhona C3 Competition for the Middle East region. He is currently displaying his knowledge and technique in a new adventure at the Four Seasons Resort in Bali.

His last feat was to proclaim himself the winner of the C3 Valrhona 2018. We share the pre-dessert recipe with which Yusuke convinced the jury of the competition. A pre-dessert inspired by the marriage of OPALYS 33% ‘s delicate and milky flavor with the unique and powerful fragrance of the Balinese kaffir lime and the Japanese Shiso leaf. This was one of the two plated creations that gave the victory to the Japanese chef settled in Thailand.

Calculated for 10 plates