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Pistachio Raspberry so good #23 Vinesh Johny

Ghevar tart with cheesecake, pistachio and raspberry by Vinesh Johny

Ghevar tart with cheesecake, pistachio and raspberry by Vinesh Johny

Vinesh Johny has sought, like everyone else, the best way to overcome these times of a global pandemic. Being his Academia Lavonne school (Bangalore, India) practically closed since March 2012, he has engaged in intense online activity from his own home that has led him to propose up to 60 different creations with his own videos. Far from wasting time in lamentations, the young chef has seen in this experience the opportunity to further enrich his creativity by changing his equipment from professional to domestic. This time of confinement has also served to carry out an exercise in introspection, a trip to his own childhood, full of nostalgia, and with typical sweets from his country as the main motivation.

Vinesh Johny is getting strong in this idea of combining a modern pastry base, with its corresponding repertoire of techniques aimed at refreshing, lightening and reducing the sweet and fatty character of many classic recipes, and combine it with the rich Mithai tradition and the typical cakes of his childhood. It is what we could already see in previous so good #23 with creation like Ghevar Tart.

‘Ghevar’ is a traditional Indian sweet from the region of Rajasthan. A very underrated but a delicious confection. ‘Ghevar’ is made of flour slurry which is deep fried in ghee and soaked in sugar syrup. It is usually served with a milk-based accompaniment called ‘Rabdi’, which is basically milk that’s been sweetened and thickened. It is then topped with slivered pistachio. For this Modern Ghevar Tart, I’ve used saffron cheesecake at the base along with some pistachio cream. A layer of macerated raspberries has been introduced which is meant to add sourness and to uplift the overall flavor. Finally, the Ghevar itself has been sprayed with honey syrup and is placed atop the tart.