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Pastry Products

Pastry products and ingredients for the preparation of cakes, desserts, bonbons, ice creams… They include flours, nuts, chocolate couvertures, dairy products, aromatic herbs… Finished products can also be found, such as bonbons, turrones, frozen pastry or ice creams

Icam cioccolatieri celebrates its 70th anniversary and presents Agostoni

Exalting the flavour of chocolate and cocoa in ice-cream, with a selection of premium products that have extraordinary flavor profiles.More info

Panela as an essential ingredient to sweeten its chocolate couvertures, by CasaLuker

4 new chocolate couvertures and powdered panela for professional use. More info

deZaan™ Gourmet launches white compound coating OPAL

Opal, a unique white compound coating made with non-hydrogenated fats and natural vanilla joins deZaan™ Gourmet’s premium collectionMore info

deZaan™ Gourmet strengthens its commitment to Belgian chocolate

Emotion 58, the addition of dark chocolate couvertureMore info

Ready-to-fill bases by Masdeu

Neutral bases with different flavors of the highest qualityMore info

Limoncello concentrate natural aroma 70% volume, by Premium Gastronomie

Premium Gastronomie launches a real concentrate of natural aroma.More info

Felchlin – Grand Cru, Cacao Costa Rica

Grand Cru couvertures made of noble cacao from the Finca La Amistad, Costa Rica.More info

Barry Callebaut’s IBC brand launches Power Flowers™

Barry Callebaut’s IBC brand launches Power Flowers™, the ultimate food coloring system for personalization.More info

Chocolate accents by pregel

Ready-made chocolate decor creates new line for dessert ingredient company.More info