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Pastry Products

Pastry products and ingredients for the preparation of cakes, desserts, bonbons, ice creams… They include flours, nuts, chocolate couvertures, dairy products, aromatic herbs… Finished products can also be found, such as bonbons, turrones, frozen pastry or ice creams

Felchlin reinvents the gianduja

The company presents Gianduja Intenso, a less sweet version with an intensely roasted nut flavor.More info

The Chocolate Oyster, Dobla’s latest invention

The specialist in chocolate decorations completes its Nature range with surprising ornaments inspired by one of the most appreciated shellfish.More info

The Double Nature Range grows

The collection of handmade chocolate decorations inspired by nature offers a finishing touch to any dessert or cake.More info

Shortcrust pastry tartlets, ready for filling

The specialist in crunchy bases for pies in all formats and for sweet and savory applications will not miss the next edition of Sirha.More info

A floral delight with Fresh Origins Flower Crystals®Rose™

Made from fresh edible roses, they bring texture, emotion and a distinctive touch to any dessert.More info

Real-looking fruit and Fast food with chocolate, Dobla’s new products

The European manufacturer presents two new concepts: Natura Range and Fast Chocolate Experience.More info

Valrhona Signature, a new range of premium decorations

As a true partner to Chefs, the French chocolate manufacturer presents this new range for Chocolate and Pastry in North America.More info

Valrhona Inspiration Almond and Passion Fruit couvertures

Valrhona, the leading French chocolate manufacturer for the top pastry chefs throughout the world, has announced the launch of its new Inspiration Range.

Since Almond and Passion Fruit, the first ever fruit and nut couvertures have the benefit of containingMore info

Barbara Decor range of chocolates

How to decorate a product in an impressive but simple cost-efficient way?More info

Patapoch – The innovative stencil kit

Patapoch, the tile stencil kit, an infinity of possibilitiesMore info