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Pastry Products

Pastry products and ingredients for the preparation of cakes, desserts, bonbons, ice creams… They include flours, nuts, chocolate couvertures, dairy products, aromatic herbs… Finished products can also be found, such as bonbons, turrones, frozen pastry or ice creams

Rémy Cointreau launches ‘caketails’ created by Otto Tay and Manuel Bouillet

The Caketail is a new offer of consumption like tea time or gourmet coffee, though with an originality that is sure to be attractive.More info

Aalst Chocolate renews the Pâtissier Chocolate packaging

Taking care of every last detail, including presentation, the range of chocolates pays homage to the cocoa areas that gave rise to the firm with its design More info

Upfield Professional launches a 100% vegan cream for pastry chefs

Created from lentil proteins and vegetable oils, it is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant, vegans, and sufferers of celiac disease. More info

Norohy, Valrhona’s first organic vanilla bean, arrives in the USA

Food waste is reduced with this product that has sweet and floral aromas with powerful notes of cocoa.More info

Mindful Choices, Guittard chocolate with sugar alternatives

This new collection adapts to the dietary preferences of modern consumers and helps pastry shops create desserts without refined sugar.More info

Barbara Decor’s Art Grillage line expands its repertoire

The Barbara Luijckxn brand expands its chocolate jewelry collection range.
More info

Valrhona expands its Inspiration range in the USA with Raspberry

By popular demand, the firm launched this couverture which is already available in Europe in early March.More info

Intuition Collection, colored cocoa butter by Jerome Landrieu

Pastry Chef’s Boutique presents, together with the French chef, this exclusive line that reflects the hues of natural flavors.More info

Yuzu is added to the Valrhona Inspiration range

This vibrant flavor, with no dairy or gluten, reaches the North American market.
More info

Barbara Decor launches the chocolate jewelry collection, Art Grillage

These chocolate decorations are ideal for enhancing the three-dimensional impact of pastry creations.
More info