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The Chocolate Oyster, Dobla’s latest invention

Chocolate Sirha

The Chocolate Oyster, Dobla’s latest invention

The Chocolate Oyster, Dobla’s latest invention

In the last edition of Sirha, Dobla surprised the audience with the Chocolate Oyster as part of the “All-Time-Favorites” theme. This chocolate decoration is part of its exclusive Nature range, which is hand-made and inspired by nature.

During the Salon, the company’s European pastry chefs hand-made oyster-shaped chocolate decorations, visually identical to this classic and popular shellfish. “We wanted to excite the French audience and international visitors with our visually spectacular and indulgent presentations and tastings. The absolute highlight was our eye-catching Chocolate Oyster Bar. In order to stay innovative, daring to surprise and being different is essential. With the introduction of the Chocolate Oyster, we have definitely succeeded in our mission to excite,” says Harm Jansen, Corporate Business Development Director. For this they counted on the talent and original recreations of Michel Willaume, Bart de Gans, Graham Mairs, and Maurits Van der Vooren.

But it was not Dobla’s only success in Sirha. The company sponsored the Malaysian team that won the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie and which had among its members Otto Tay, Corporate Pastry Chef at Dobla.

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