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Russ Thayer

Russ Thayer is young, but has already acquired a solid career as a chef, teacher, and researcher. He explains that he is dedicated to pastry thanks to his grandmother. When he was little, he wanted to drink coffee and she gave him hot chocolate telling him it was coffee. Since then he has declared himself in love with chocolate.

His professional career began in a small restaurant in his hometown, in Abingdon (Virginia) and, after several years working as a pastry chef in several locations, he joined PreGel America. This is where he discovered his passion for teaching the intricacies of pastry and where he met Jerome Landrieu, Head of the Chocolate Academy Chicago. Subsequently, he joined the team of the Chocolate Academy as Callebaut Chef for the United States and, later, for the Online Chocolate Academy worldwide.

Under the banner of Chocolate Academy, he is dedicated to finding the best way to exploit the flavors of chocolate naturally.

Bio Highlights

2011 – Pastry Chef PreGel America

2014 – Callebaut Chef for the United States at the Chocolate Academy™ Chicago

“Striking a balance between looks and taste is paramount. It must be both. What has helped me the most in my career is tasting the work of other chefs”

so good.. magazine #19

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