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Olivier Fernández

He leads the Pastry College of Barcelona (Spain), which he has also promoted until making an international model school of it.

He studied at the Barcelona’s Guild Pastry College (EPGB), which he runs nowadays, and spent part of his important professional period leading the pastry station at the Gran Hotel La Florida. After becoming the director of the EPGB, the college has turned into a reference training center in Spain and gained international prestige. At the end of 2019 he opens MXBCN, a very well-thought-out space that manufactures bean-to-bar chocolate for the Chocolate Barcelona Museum.

Bio Highlights

2007 – Director of Barcelona’s Guild Pastry College

2009 – Medal and Master Pastry Chef award by Barcelona’s Guild

2011 – Publication of the book ‘Play’

2019 – Opening of MXBCN Bean to Bar Chocolate

“When cocoa arrives at our facilities, the processes it has undergone provide 70% of its flavor, its character. From there, we can influence directly”
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