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Leonardo di Carlo

An Italian pastry chef and member of the winning team of the Pastry World Championship in Sigep 2004 who has been defined in the sector as a polyhedral professional in constant research. Leonardo Di Carlo creates a rational, simple and mature pastry, with a wide knowledge of the ingredients. From his profile as an international consultant, he is a tireless protagonist of numerous courses and demonstrations, with the ones dedicated to scientific pastry standing out.

In 2015, Di Carlo founded Pastry Concept in Treviso (Italy), a school in which he pours his experience and professional maturity as a treasure of incalculable value for his students, who advises them not to waste time and encourages them to seek their own style.

Bio Highlights

He is the author of “Tradition in Evolution”

Winner of the Sigep 2004 Pastry World Championship

Author of “Evoluzione in Revoluzione” (2019)

“Only by abandoning our comfort zone, where everything is safe and predictable, can we find new paths to be explored and unexpected finds to be discovered”

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