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Belen Melamed

From her Instagram page to the whole world, starting with her beloved Buenos Aires, Belén (or Belu) Melamed is a clear exponent of new Argentinian pastry, attached to crisp flavors, lowered sweetness, and baked and intense products. It is the philosophy that she puts into practice in her courses and that she also shares in our magazines. One of her motivations is the aroma given off by freshly baked pastry, which takes her back to her childhood with her grandmother. She also looks to the future and applies the latest innovations in ingredients and technology to achieve a healthier, lighter, and equally intense flavor result.

“I try to work based on my tastes, I am in a somewhat selfish time also in terms of techniques and flavors. I like to play with what’s different, sweet, savory, spices… because I get bored and I have to constantly propose new things ”

So good… magazine # 24

Featured in so good #24