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Pastry Books

Bachour Gastro, by Antonio Bachour


A new style, new recipes, new combinations and new presentations … And all in just two bites.More info

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The Pastry Alphabet

The pastry alphabet

In this book, the chefs of Cacao Barry offer practical recipes to master the art of French pastry, enhance creativity, and exceed the limits of flavor.More info

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Radix, by Paco Torreblanca


The essential pastry, without masks, whose base is the knife and the oven. The one which does not need to be in fashion.More info

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MÁS, by Mario Masiá


Más is a publishing project that wants to reclaim the topping from an artisan and creative perspective.More info

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Prisma, by Frank Haasnoot


Long-awaited by the hundreds of followers that he has all over the world, the book alternates emblematic creations which are duly updated with unpublished materialMore info

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So good.. Recipes 2


All the recipes from so good.. magazine (#9 to #16) in one unique volumeMore info

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Ice Cream, artisanal ice cream recipe book


A new great compilation of recipes of world-renowned chefs.More info

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One week with Yann Duytsche


The great French master invites you to spend a week in his workshop through this delicious work of real, fresh, and gastronomic pastry.More info

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Sweet devotion, by Daniel Álvarez


Pastry chef Daniel Álvarez presents Sweet Devotion. A contemporary approach to artisanal viennoiserie.More info

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30 indispensable ice creams, by Jaume Turró


These recipes are designed to extract the best out of the ice cream flavor and the toppings, accompanied by technical comments, tips, and notes about origin.More info

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obsession, by oriol balaguer


Oriol Balaguer leaves his mark on a work of great beauty that takes pastry to the peak of culinary art.More info

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Ideas and recipes between cuisine and pastry, by Jose Romero


Ideas by Jose Romero, the fusion between cuisine and patisserieMore info

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True bread. A professional guide to breads and enriched doughs


True bread. Come and join us into the very heart of dough.More info

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so good.. Recipes


So Good Recipes, your indispensable new kitchen tool. All the haute pâtisserie recipes published in the first eight volumes of so good.. magazine.More info

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Evolution. Techniques and ingredients for modern pastry, by Jordi Puigvert


Introducing new and advantageous ingredients, simplifying the processes, improving the performance and applications of each product; in short, optimizing the technical side of pastry to the maximum.More info

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Paco Torreblanca 2


With this second book, the great master Paco Torreblanca steps into the world of gastronomy, whilst following the basic principles of pastry making. This work is full of new techniques and, above all, great ideas of extraordinary creative value, albeit their simple preparation.More info

Chocolate, by Ramon Morató


All about chocolate. 200 recipes, step-by-step photographs of the most important preparation techniques, 18 cakes and individual cakes, 24 bonbons .. More info

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The secrets of ice cream, ice cream without secrets, by Angelo Corvitto


You can spend several hours theorizing with Angelo on how to make the best ice-cream possible. As you find the answer to some questions, new queries arise, which you manage to work out and so on. I can assure that this is a highly nourishing exercise, even for those who are not professional in the industry.More info

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Play, the game of pastry


Play is a good sample of the creative and reformist mentality of the young, professional group of teachers from that school in Barcelona.More info

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Sugarworks, by Paco Torreblanca


This is undoubtedly the most personal and creative book that Paco Torreblanca has ever written. With this ‘Collection of Sugar Pieces’, the master chef forges a new path in the conception of artistic pieces in pastry making. Torreblanca’s hands give sugar some magical and surprising shapes, between architecture and sculpture, transparency and opacity, lights and shadows.More info

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Paco Torreblanca


Paco Torreblanca’s pastry, thanks to this great master’s unmistakable style, has become an international, timeless reference. His masterpiece book is proof of that, originally published in 2003, and whose third edition we now present. Its international success and a constant request for it from different countries has led us to republish it once again.More info

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SIETE. seven masters of modern spanish pâstisserie


They are seven of Spain’s champions. But they are more than that. They are seven grand professionals who, in their careers, have not stopped evolving and who are the protagonists in Spanish patisserie. Seven personalities, seven different styles, seven waysMore info