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Remember 28ºC by Jose Romero

Remember 28ºC is, from its very title, a practical and complete work that leads the reader through all the key aspects to understand panettone. The sourdough in depth, the role of each ingredient in each kneading stage, the control of temperatures and the introduction of refrigeration at key moments of the rest intervals are just some of the particularities that have popularized Jose Romero’s method in the preparation of this product.

The book contains a varied list of creations ranging from the most classic to the most personal, includes products made by great guest chefs and is completed with entire chapters dedicated to additional elaborations such as candied fruit or glazes. Learn how to choose the best flour for your product, how to use certain ingredients according to the character you want to give to your dough, become familiar with the most convenient type of mold and discover a lot more valuable tips that will help you master this product like few others and incorporate it into your usual production system.

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