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Bachour Gastro, by Antonio Bachour

A new style, new recipes, new combinations and new presentations ... And all in just two bites.


A new style, new recipes, new combinations and new presentations…and all in just two bites. This is the new book by Chef Antonio Bachour and Grupo Vilbo. Over fifty new creations, both sweet and savory, in a small format, with step-by-step photos, tips and advice from the author. Don’t miss out on the most gastronomic Bachour.

Inspiration. Paris-Brest, Mont Blanc, Saint Honoré, Carrot Cake, Millefeuille, Black Forest…The great classics of universal pastry are always a source of inspiration for creating new proposals, with the utmost respect for the original.

Creation. Journeys and experiences in different countries and cultures become creations with fruit, chocolate, spices and nuts as the main ingredients.  Everything in a small format, maximum two bites.

Brunch. Between breakfast and lunch we offer eminently savory dishes as well as a quiche with croissant dough, stuffed bomboloni, hot buns or a bagel-sandwich, among others.

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