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Oh Là Là by Yohan Ferrant

Oh Là Là delves into the key ingredients and processes of the bread trade. Includes recipes and step-by-step instructions for 45 products, as well as essential tips and reflections.

Oh Là Là! delves into the key ingredients and processes of the bread trade, so that any professional can design a range of first-class breads and pastries full of personality. This book also includes recipes and step-by-step instructions for 45 products, as well as essential tips and reflections.

Master baker Yohan Ferrant has been accumulating knowledge and experience with dough since he was 13 years old. Not only has he worked in prestigious bread workshops in different parts of France, but he has also worked in an English gastronomic restaurant as well as for the Lord Mayor of London. In addition to obtaining great results in international championships, since 2016 Ferrant has held the position of director of the Baking School Barcelona Sabadell, a center which has welcomed some of the most outstanding bread professionals pass.

Throughout its 334 pages, this book by Yohan Ferrant published by Grupo Vilbo has been structured with the intention of making reading as easy as possible. It consists of five major sections that draw a precise map with which to enjoy a profession which is as complex as fascinating.

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