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MÁS, by Mario Masiá

Más is a publishing project that wants to reclaim the topping from an artisan and creative perspective.

The first book by the 2011 Spanish Ice Cream Champion and 2016 World Ice Cream Runner-up, Mario Masiá, deals with the topping as an excellent ice cream ally. Four major themes, marbling, chunks, fruit inclusions, stracciatella, and other solid chocolates, shape the structure of this book. More than a hundred recipes show all the possible synergies between complements, ice creams, and sorbets from Masiá Heladeros Artesanos.

In addition to gathering Masiá’s professional background in this field, Más establishes clear criteria for working with toppings, as well as for its conservation and correct application. The versatility and potential of creations that come from pastry, from new technological ingredients and alternative freezing methods such as nitrogen, are shown in great detail in step-by-step photographs. The ultimate goal is to offer keys to achieve a much more complex and rich tasting for a product that has to continue convincing and seducing the clientele.

Languages: English/Spanish
182 pages
Size: 21 x 27 cm.

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