Best Magazine Of Haute Pâtissere

Radix, by Paco Torreblanca

The essential pastry, without masks, whose base is the knife and the oven. The one which does not need to be in fashion.

Sablés, éclairs, puff pastries, sponge cakes, travel cakes, financiers, panettones, cakes, millefeuilles, sheet cakes, tartelettes, souflés, strips and baked tarts, cheesecake, Russian cake, entremets…

And all this by the hands of one of the greatest pastry chefs of all time, Paco Torreblanca. A timeless, eternal work, which is beyond trends and social networks.

Paco Torreblanca teaches us the value of simplicity, naturalness and optimization. Thus, the book shows a clear attempt to simplify many of the recipes and processes. For example, from a base crème pâtissière, more than a dozen flavored creams are made, which can in turn be used as a filling for a wide range of petit choux. Why complicate life with complex recipes if they can be simplified and thereby make the workshops and especially the pastry shop or bakery more productive?