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Paco Torreblanca

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306 pages, 500 pictures, 32 step-by-step recipes, over a hundred cakes, desserts for restaurants and chocolates, new and surprising techniques, artistic compositions and decorative elements.

Paco Torreblanca’s pastry, thanks to this great master’s unmistakable style, has become an international, timeless reference. His masterpiece book is proof of that, originally published in 2003, and whose third edition we now present. Its international success and a constant request for it from different countries has led us to republish it once again.
This book includes desserts on plate, cakes, step-by-step recipes of sponge cakes, sugar and isomalt decorations, chocolate and chocolates, artistic compositions, traditional doughs.
Moreover, it widely covers other complements such as different types of tea and coffee and the pairing of wine with all the cakes and desserts in this book.

‘Paco Torreblanca’ is thus an indispensable book to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in modern pastry. According to Ferran Adrià, ‘a top class book which should be a reference for professionals and gourmets worldwide’.

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