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> > > Sigep Exp makes strides during post-pandemic times at Vision Plaza
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Sigep Exp makes strides during post-pandemic times at Vision Plaza

March 10, 2021
Sigep Exp makes strides during post-pandemic times at Vision Plaza
Ana Rodríguez

Sigep Exp The Digital Experience, the 100% digital edition that Sigep is preparing from March 15 to 17, will host in its Vision Plaza space more than 20 international talks to stay ahead of the challenges and opportunities that the artisan sectors of the pastry, bakery, ice cream parlor and coffee in post-coronavirus times. The talks, which will be broadcast live in a television studio installed in the Palacongressi di Rimini, will address topics ranging from new consumer habits to environmental sustainability as a competitive factor, the potential of exports to the United Kingdom and North America, and the continuous search of excellence in Italian products.

In pastry matters, Livia Chiriotti, Editorial Director of Pasticceria Internazionale, will interview Giuseppe Amato, Alessandro Dalmasso, Leonardo Di Carlo and Giambattista Montanari on macro and micro trends in pastry guided by the keyword ´culture´. Fabrizio Fiorani, best pastry chef in Asia 2019, will talk about contemporary Italian pastry between avant-garde, art and technique. Francesco Briglia, from Italian Gourmet, will talk with chef Iginio Massari and Carlo Meo, CEO of Marketing & Trade, about the new challenges and opportunities for Italian pastry, emphasizing how to be stronger than before the pandemic, how to make people return to pastry shops or what kind of experiences there are to offer. In addition, Roberto Rinaldini and Gianluca Fusto, among others, will discuss how digital can enhance the pastry business in this context.

Food sustainability, increasingly in the center of the attention of consumers and public opinion, will be the protagonist in interventions related to bakery in which initiatives of flour mills that develop sustainable production systems will be shown. Likewise, AIBI, the Italian Association of Bakery Ingredients, will analyze how the health crisis has positively changed the perception of bread and bakers.

For the ice cream sector, Vision Plaza will analyze the change in sales due to the absence of aromas and tastes imposed by digital channels, strategies will be offered so that Italian ice cream parlors can face recovery, and the opportunities offered by the United States will be explored, among other topics.